Are you feeling like things are changing & shifting around you?
Is it hard for you to let go of how things were?
Do you see or feel trapped in between?
Are you eager to redefine yourself and participate in the creation of a better world?

If you answer "YES" to any of those questions, this program is for you!!

Over the next 2 months, Clara & Reina will take you on a journey of deep transformation to align with the changes & shifts that are happening around us.

"Thriving is when we find this perfect place of flow; where letting go & taking action are in total harmony"C.N

Any change goes through a phase of transition where we grieve & let go of what doesn't serve us anymore to enter into this new reality.

The aim of this program is to help you & guide you through this transition on a mental, behavioral, physical, emotional, energetic & spiritual level, so we can align with the universal shift.

Let the journey begin!!

Would you like to dive into your inner journey?

It is all about Intention, Creation, Manifestation, Action, and Expansion.

Due to our upbringing, we’ve been mostly programmed in our life to be accepted, and welcomed in society.
Our collective beliefs, values, behaviors, identity and actions are the outcome of our previous challenges and the learnings we got from them.
Today,  we are being challenged again to redefine what we are perceiving and how we would want to react to it.
An opportunity for a new reality is being presented to us, which is allowing us to question all that we  have been, are and the potential of what we can become.
As we are slowly awakening in the now, we are feeling a slight shift, which can make us feel lost & frustrated or eager to connect and understand.

Join us in this quest to explore and create this new reality, where we will be challenging & redefining our individuality in this world.

We will offer you all the tools you need to step into this deep dive, and work on all the layers & get out Fresh, Free, and Be Born as the New YOU.

Here are the sequences of our 8-week program together:

March 17 : Free Introductory Session
March 24 : The "NOW"
March 31 : Unconsciousness V.S Consciousness
April 7 : My mind, dictates
April 14 : My actions, create
April 21 : My body, speaks
April 28 : My emotions, experience
May 5 : My energy, attracts
May 12 : My soul, loves

Still wondering should I or should I not....
"Inspiration is my world, motivation is what I strive for, planting the seeds within you is what I'll teach you, believing in your powers is my way to serve you, living the magical life is what I thrive for, come along with me & I'll show you the way - RH®"

What will you get?

A Journey starts with a first step to achieve all that is
  • Dismantle the Conditioned Mind and set it FREE
  • Learn new techniques to unleash your hidden POWERS
  • DETOXIFY your Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Discover HEALTHY Eating Habits
  • Learn to LISTEN to the Body
  • APPRECIATE the Gift of the Breath
  • Get yourself out of your Emotions into ENERGY in Motion
  • Step out of your comfort zone to live the MAGIC
  • Create together a new understanding for a SOULFUL world
All wrapped up within the 8-week program with an addition to
a 21 Days Challenge -
to Flush all the Old and Birth the NEW YOU

Who is it for?
  • People looking for deeper answers about their lives
  • People who need a gentle push to step into their truth
  • People who are ready to meet their own consciousness
  • People who want to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others
  • People who want to move from the ME, into the I, to the WE & Step into ONENESS
Who is it not for?
  • People who are still too comfortable in their comfort zone
  • People who can't differentiate between pain & gain, lock up & expansion
  • People who are afraid of insecurities
  • People who need to always be in control
  • People who boxed themselves and worried about the unknown

What is included in the program?

  • 8 weeks - 3 hours session/week
  • Self-Reflection Diary
  • 21 Days Challenge
  • Practices & Activities
  • Private Facebook Group for ongoing support
  • Guidance by two awesome highly recommended Coaches & Healers
  • & Much much more


  • 1 One on one session with Clara
  • 2 One on One Distant sessions with Reina
  • Weekly emails with practices & suggestions
  • Healthy Meal Plans & Recipes during the challenge
  • Yoga & Meditation sequences
  • Suggested books to read & documentaries to watch
  • & Much much More

Value of all THIS?

All that is offered above full value is:
8 Weeks Program with Reina (Value $ 4,444 USD)
8 Weeks Program with Clara (Value $ 4,444 USD)
21 Days Challenge (Value $ 1,777 USD)
One one on one session with Clara (Value $222 USD)
Two one on one distant sessions with Reina (Value $222 USD)

TOTAL VALUE OF approximately $ 11,111 USD
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Your Guides into your Journey

Clara Nader, A Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
Her specialty is Clarity & Healing Coaching & Her aim is to use her voice to spread love, compassion, and unity.
Her healing journey inspired her to share and assist people in their struggles while providing a loving and non-judgemental environment.
She believes that healing can only happen through a place of love & authenticity. We are all loved unconditionally, but to feel it we need to peel and heal all the layers that keep on telling us that we are not worthy of that love..
Being able to dissect all the beliefs, values, emotional blockages, & patterns; having clarity of how your mind/thoughts are stopping you from thriving, is the forte that Clara is putting at the disposal of anyone who is looking to understand, experience & release their blocked emotions to allow themselves to become their full potential & reveal their authentic selves.
Reina Hallab, a passionate, intuitive, caring and loving being. She is a bundle of energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and confidence and has such a thirst for life. Her sensitivity to people's needs and insight into their potential is unmatched. She will guide you towards success in a gentle but determined manner. Reina impresses people with her holistic approach to mindset. She is someone that walks the talk. She will show you how healthy eating benefits the body, mind and spirit, as well as is crucial to the welfare of our planet. Reina follows her inspirational mantra: "Life, is a delicious meal, prepared with organic ingredients, wrapped with love, and sent to you from the universe. Before you open to taste, make sure to read the label. It contains: Pure love, freedom of being, respect to self, self-love, self-appreciation, worthiness, lots of happiness, full of positive moments, incredible synchronicities, and a strong intuition"
Our motto in life is:

"Life, show me your MAGIC!!"

Your Energetic Contribution

"What goes around, comes around"

By investing in your self-growth you are also opening the space for others to grow on their journey.

With your engagement and due of the current difficult times,  you are sponsoring 8 people with limited resources to attend the program.

This program only accommodates 25 people, for more intimacy, connection, embodiment and growth.

Your new way to pay it forward & feel the love, compassion & generosity

Your Energetic Contribution for Align to Thrive Program is:
ONLY $ 1,777 USD
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"Reina  is a genuine and wonderful Reiki healer and practitioner. I really loved her style. She is very involved and supportive. She is very   helpful and can guide you to cleanse your body and further your   spiritual understanding. She has a very positive energy and vibe. She  is  a very caring instructor with a deep interest in you. You will feel  connection with her right away. She is extremely knowledgeable and   powerful.
Reina has been a leader in the field of spiritual  development for many years. She has a great passion and a dedication to  truth and integrity  in her work. I highly recommend her.
" Mazen A.

"I started my journey back to myself with this amazing soul, Clara is not only someone who sees you but also that sees through you, she always find a way to connect you back to how everything is playing for you, for the purpose of your healing journey, for you to wake up to your essence...even through all the wounds, pain and chaos. She's been and still is the lighthouse on my path, she is also the home where you can be seen, heard and welcomed just the way you are..."  Maria Ghanem

"Having a healing session with Reina and it's just magical she has a  positive energy and she  is very generous Caring and incredibly  intuitive,   
The session helps us to reconnect with our true nature and let energy, and emotions circulate freely
Thank you so much for your support filled with such authenticity and love"
Jamila N.

"Clara Nader is one exceptional human being. I am grateful to have met her and for her input in my journey. Clara is a loving heart, and will always listen to you and guide you in the best way possible, without interfering. I have done many many sessions with her and every session is always exceptional, where you get out of it having more love towards yourself and understanding who you truly are more and more. Thank you for being you and for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with the world ❤️" -Sari Awada-

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